About Flora Tomatoes

Flora Tomatoes in Mattituck, New York

FloraTomatoes, Inc. is presently owned and operated by second-generation farmer, Richard T. Girards in Mattituck on Eastern Long Island, New York. FloraTomatoes, Inc. produces Hydroponic Beefsteak Tomatoes, mixed Heirloom Tomatoes and Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes in 2 acres of modern computer controlled greenhouses, on a 10-acre farm.

The tomatoes are specifically grown for high flavor and freshness for the local market. Richard Girards grew up a greenhouse grower, attended Cornell University and holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and has spent the past 11 years specializing in the improvement of greenhouse hydroponic tomato production.FloraTomatoes Cherry Herloom Tomatoes

Greenhouse growing might seem counterintuitive in a region where your average backyard gardener’s summer tomato yield would overflow most car trunks. However, FloraTomato’s hydroponic techniques reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizer, while their grafting techniques make their plants hardier and less vulnerable to disease. This makes the farm environmentally friendly while still providing a tremendous, juicy, red bounty.

Most importantly, Flora tomatoes are grown with the goal of delivering excellent flavor. When vines get too long, they are removed and replaced with new plants so the full allotment of nutrients can reach the tomatoes. Precise temperature and light control allow the plants to reach the peak of ripeness. Because Flora doesn’t ship long distances, the tomatoes are allowed to ripen on the vine for days longer than most. And the varieties themselves were chosen with taste and aroma in mind.”

In 2010, Flora began growing and selling mixed Heirloom tomatoes and mixed Cherry tomatoes with great success.

If you are looking for a great year round local product that tastes like it was grown outdoors, then you have come to the right place!

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